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School's Out...What Should I Do For The Summer?

Once school is out for summer break, many high schoolers spend their time hanging out with friends and going on family vacations. While it is great to enjoy some downtime, make sure you take the time to stretch yourself beyond your norm. Below are some tips you can use to help you expand yourself during the summer, and appeal to college admissions counselors. How you spend your time is a great way to stand out amongst other college applicants.

1) Learn a new skill or hobby

Maybe you've always wanted to take a dance class or learn how to cook. Utilize this time to sign up for a class or two. You never know, it could lead to a newly discovered passion or career path.

2) Volunteer

What are you passionate about? Do you enjoy helping others? Seek volunteer opportunities throughout your community and give your time and service.

3) Apply for an Internship or Summer Program

Participating in an internship or summer program is a great way to explore your interests and potential career.

4) SAT/ACT Bootcamps

The thought of taking the SAT & ACT can be intimidating. Give yourself an adequate amount of time to prepare by taking advantage of summer bootcamps.

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