About Our Company

CROP provides personalized college prep planning services that cut through the confusion and help save families thousands of dollars.  High school counselors spend less than 40 minutes each year helping prepare Seniors for college. Due to the large number of students per high school counselor, their main focus is on ensuring students meet the graduation requirements. Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students are left to navigate this process on their own…most have no idea where to begin so they don’t. 


When students require help to prepare for the college admissions process, their best hope is to look external to their high school.  We are here to fill that gap by providing detailed guidance for students and their families.  

Our Founders

Dr. Monèt Bradley


& Founder 

Dr. Monèt Bradley is a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate of Florida A&M University. After graduating, she began working in the nonprofit sector as a Health Coordinator. Having a lifelong passion for young people, she transitioned to a career in education, teaching upper level science in high school. While at that school, she assisted with the implementation of SECME (Science, Engineering, Communication, Mathematics and Enrichment), a program focused on increasing the pool of historically underrepresented students for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees and careers. Her commitment to her school and community extended to serving as SECME Advisor, Key Club Advisor, and Senior Class Advisor. 


As class advisor, she prepared and supported students in the graduation and college preparation transition by assisting with college admission applications, essay writing, college decision advising and submitting written recommendation letters.  With her assistance, over 50 low income and minority students earned admission to over 200 colleges and universities. 


When it came to navigating the college process, Dr. Bradley had to figure it out on her own.  Being able to provide the help she did not receive to students, and watching them achieve their dreams of going to college, ignited a passion in her. 

Arvia S. Hall


& Founder 

An accomplished leader within globally leading Fortune 500 organizations for over 20 years and an IECA Associate Member, Arvia S. Hall possesses a drive to instruct, guide and assist students in achieving their goals.  Having obtained an Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, she experienced, firsthand, the importance of preparing and creating a plan for college admittance. 


Things worked out for the best.  Although, while navigating the waters of college admissions herself, there were many missed opportunities and regrets.  Even though she was the Valedictorian for her high school class of 525 students, through her own ignorance, failed to obtain her college degree debt free.  What began as an initial longing to promote STEM careers turned into a passion to help educate and heighten awareness of opportunities for postsecondary degrees.   However, about 10 years ago, while working to prepare her own daughter for college, this passion exploded and the understanding of early college preparation began to consume her. Her prowess as an engineer allows her to apply exceptional analytical skills and a solid methodology to the college planning journey!

When she wasn’t rallying parents to attend college fairs and SAT/ACT bootcamps, she was speaking to and making visits to high school counselors on behalf of the teens in her church.  When she realized her daughter had received over $600k in scholarships, she knew she had a knack for this!