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"See Yourself Where You Belong...College is for You!"


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College Readiness

Outreach Program

Start your college planning journey TODAY!

College Prep Counseling

Who We Are

Proactive college planning is essential in the success of the student.  We have more than 20 years of combined experience assisting high school students in navigating the college admissions process.  College Readiness Outreach Program (CROP) takes the stress of the college planning process off of parents and becomes a trusted mentor to the student.  Our goal is to help students maximize their chances of success through services focused on their personal financial budgets (scholarship opportunities), goals, individual strengths, and accomplishments.  We seek to assist students in identifying their "best fit" schools while gaining a competitive advantage in the admissions process.  Our services are personalized to save families thousands of dollars.

Students Nationwide


Sign up for a FREE College Planning Consultation that includes:

  • Transcript Review and Advisement

  • General College Planning Timeline Discussion

  • Identification of attainable goals

Our Strategy


Help guide the student with exploring and identifying a major and college that best fits their needs.

College Planning Timeline

There is no magic formula for choosing a college as every student has a different set of preferences and priorities.  What is essential is ensuring you have a plan and begin working towards your goals.  High school is where your success begins and starting early will give you the advantage that you need.  Let us help you navigate the college planning process one month at a time,  identifying surprisingly affordable options!

"Harvesting One Seed at a Time."

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