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Nevada State College

Nevada State College

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785 - 985



16 - 24


Nevada State College (NSC) is a public college in Henderson, Nevada. It is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE). The college opened on September 3, 2002, as Nevada's first state college. Its main campus is located on a 509 acres (206 ha) site in the southern foothills of Henderson.

Nevada State College has around 3,300 undergraduate students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

In terms of minority or underrepresented students at NSC, close to 20% of the student body is Hispanic/Latino, 11% is Black or African American, 10% is Asian, and 2% is Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. The college's average student age is 29, and 61% of its students attend part-time. The vast majority of Nevada State College's students are from Nevada.

Nevada State College's enrollment has grown from 177 students in 2002 to 3,389 in 2012, making it one of the fastest growing institutions of higher education in the country on a percentage basis. During this period, however, some of Nevada State College's programs suffered from lower than expected enrollments.However, enrollment for 2010 increased by 23.3% compared to the year before.

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