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Financial Tips for Seniors

Senior year is ending and college is quickly approaching. Here are a few tips to help you with your personal finances.

  1. Open A Bank Account (If you haven't already done so)

Having a checking and savings account allows you to keep track of your finances.

2. Save, Save, Save

Graduation is around the corner, start saving your monetary gifts. If you have a job or plan to get one for the summer, set aside your earnings for the upcoming school year. You never know what expenses you may have once college begins.

3. Start Building Your Credit

Learn about credit and what your credit score says about you. Look for ways to increase your credit score during college.

4. Start A Budget

A budget is a financial plan for a certain length of time based on your income and expenses. This will be helpful when having to spend money on things such as: textbooks, bills, events, etc.

5. Review Your FAFSA Student Aid Report

Make sure all of your information is correct, and review all of the financial aid you will be receiving.

6. Look For Student Discounts

Numerous companies offer discounts to students. Make sure you look them up!

7. Purchase Used Textbooks

College textbooks can be very expensive. Buying used versions of textbooks will save you money.

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